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Musical Dictionary: Z



Zarb: A Middle Eastern drum also found in Turkey. Depending on how the player strikes the head of this goblet shaped drum, it can produce a variety of tones.

Zigeunermusik: Gypsy music.

Zills: Part of the percussion family from early Asia. Two small non-pitched cymbals worn on the thumb and middle finger of female dancers. They can be used as one pair but most commonly as two, one pair on each hand. They are struck together in a rhythmic pattern.

Zink: The Germans called the cornet a zink, which means the smallest tine of a stag's antlers.

Zither: A stringed instrument constructed of a flat sound box with its 30-40 strings stretched over it horizontally. It is played with a plectrum or plucked. It can refer to any number of string instruments of similar construction and design.

Zwischenspiel: Interlude

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