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Una corda: (Ita), ("one string"). Soft pedal. The left pedal in a modern Grand piano. It shifts the whole action to the right a little so that the hammers strike only two of the three strings provided for each note in the treble and only one of the two strings provided in the bass, while continuing to strike the single strings of the extreme bass.`

Unison: Singing or playing the same notes by all singers or players, either at exactly the same pitch or in a different octave.

Un peu: A little. Used with other words, e.g. un peu Piano.

Un poco: A little.

Upbeat: One or more notes occurring before the first bar line, as necessitated by the text for the purpose of desirable accent. The unaccented beat of a measure. So called because the conductor directs it with an upward movement of the baton.

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