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E: The key of E.

E: Italian word meaning "and."

Eclogue: Light, lyrical and simple composition for piano of the romantic era.

Eighth: An octave.

Eighth restEighth note/rest: A note/rest half the length of a quarter note and an eighth of the length of a whole note.

Elegy: A melancholy piece.

Electric Bass: A Guitar electronically amplified with four heavy strings tuned E,A,D,G. It was invented by Leo Fender and can be frettedor fretless.

Electric Guitar: A Guitar designed for electronic amplification. Most electric Guitars have six strings, a fretted neck, two or three pickups mounted under the strings, and control knobs.

Electric Cello: A cello designed for electronic amplification.

Electric Drums: Drums designed for electronic amplification.

Electric Keyboard: Designed to emulate a greater or lesser sound of the Piano. The term electronic, which is different than electric, means an instrumentwhose sounds are generated solely by totally electronic means.

Electric Piano: The sounds of electric Piano can range from amplified Grand Piano to portable keyboards that use computer technology to sound like a Piano (see electric keyboard).

Eleventh: The intervalof eleven diatonic degrees.

Embellishment: ornaments added to music to make it more interesting.

Embouchure: (FR) The way that you form your mouth around the mouthpiece of the saxophone or other wind instruments. Also refers to the actual mouthpiece of a wind instrument.

Encore: To repeat a piece or play an additional piece at the end of a performance.

English Horn: a member of the oboe family, it is not actually of English origin. It has a double reed, a hollow bulb shaped bell and is pitched in F, a 5th below the oboe.

Enharmonic: A term used to describe notes of the same pitch which have different names, e.g. C and D, F and G.

Ensemble: A group of singers, or instrumentalists.

Equal Temperament: Any tuning system which divides the octave into equal intervals.

Erhu: The Erhu has been described as a Violin or bowed lute. What is unusual about this Chinese instrument is that the two strings pass between the bow and the hair.

Espressivo:  (Ita) Expressively.

Esuberante:  (Ita) Exuberant.

Ethnomusicology: The study of various types of musicin relation to their geographic, racial, and cultural context.

Etude: A short song, usually written for pedagogical or instructional use.

Euphonium: It is similar to the Tuba, pitched in B flat and has a range of about three octaves and produces a velvety tone.

Evaded Cadence: A cadencethat implies one type of resolution, but goes to another instead.

Even Tuning See equal temperament

Exercise: A short piece written to improve performance technique.

Exposition: The first occurrence of the theme or subject in a work, where the principal idea of the piece is stated.

Expressionism: An early 20th-century musical style, employing an abstract approach to music, unlike impressionism.

Exultet, The: The song in praise of the Easter Candle sung at the Easter Vigil service. more.....

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